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Inns North

The Sauniq Hotel

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Arctic Tours

Pond Inlet is the starting point for many journeys on Baffin Island. You can:

  • journey to the floe edge (the name given to the area where the frozen ocean meets the open ocean) in search of narwhal, polar bears and icebergs
  • take an overnight arctic dog sledding adventure tour of Sirmilik National Park
  • enjoy sport fishing for Arctic char
  • tour the glacier and the Bylot Island Bird Sanctuary
  • sea kayak on Eclipse Sound to see the icebergs
  • cross-country ski to an iceberg
  • watch for narwhal and whales at the floe edge
  • climb Mount Herodier mountain to see remarkable views of Baffin Island
  • visit the Hoodoos on Brodeur Peninsula

Learn more about the glaciers near Pond Inlet.


Sea Kayaking Adventure Tours

Sea kayak on Pond Inlet

Baffin Island Skiing

Cross-country skiing on Baffin Island

Hoodoos on Brodeur peninsula

The Hoodoos on Brodeur peninsula



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