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Local Inuit Art

Billy T. Merkosak

Billy started drawing at the age of 4. He has since then explored many media, carving in whalebone, ivory, soapstone and wood, as well as painting in watercolor. Billy is one of the few Nunavut artists to carve masks. His work expresses an interest in archaeology and legends past and present, and is inspired by stories from Elders. He celebrates survival and those connections through time, and through his work finds a "sense of belonging to the culture and its traditions."

Whalebone & Antler Sculpture

Billy Merkosak's "Shaman" (whalebone and antler)

The Toonoonik Sahoonik Co-op

The Toonoonik Sahoonik Co-op has a large supply of locally produced Inuit art

Toonoonik Sahoonik


Several Inuit produce fine sculptures of soapstone, ivory, whalebone and marble. Both green and red soapstone come from local sources. Beautiful wall hangings, pencil drawings and caribou-hair tuftings are also produced by local artists. Toonoonik Sahoonik Co-op has display cases filled with excellent examples of these products and other souvenirs.


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