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Pond Inlet Traditions

Inns North

The Sauniq Hotel

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Inns North hotels are located in:

Pond Inlet Traditions.

Traditional Inuit culture thrives in Pond Inlet. You'll find caribou and sealskins drying for winter clothing and hear dogteams howling in the distance.

Sod houses, also called qarmaq, were common in this area until the 1960s. In 1991, elders gathered to rebuild a Qarmaq. The Qarmaq is an example of the traditional homes of the Inuit in the Pond Inlet area.

Pond Inlet Traditional Sod House

Boy enjoying the spectacular view from on top of the sod house

Traditional Drum Ceremony

Traditional drum dancing in Pond Inlet


The Nattinnak Centre

The Nattinnak Centre was built to resemble the icebergs of Eclipse Sound.

The Nattinnak Centre

The centre offers a cultural program features performances of:

  • drum-dancing
  • ay-ya-ya songs
  • throat-singing

You can also arrange to take a short Inuktitut language lesson, and instruction in drumming with a traditional qilaut.


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